Heck yes we travel…

It is such a big part of our lives and no matter how much we resist it, the thrill of exploring new places is still there. It is ingrained in us, we just can't help it, we have to do it.

We love nothing more then to head out into to the unknown, seek cool things, fill ourselves with the unfamiliar and experience first hand what the world has to offer.

After six years based full time on amazing North Stradbroke Island, where we built a photography business, wrote a book, renovated a house and found ourselves involved in a beautiful little tight-knit, lovely community.

But the time came that we needed something else as well, we needed something else as well, so we hot the road, and after a year alternating between being in our camper van and backpacking through Europe, we choose the UK as our new adventure.

So now we spend half of our time on a beautiful farm in Wiltshire, in the UK and the other half on Straddie.

This arrangement works perfectly for us and makes us better people and photographers.

Where we will be in 2020

january/February in the UK

march/april on Straddie

april/may/june/july/august in the UK

august/september/october/november on Straddie

We are still working on this and are super keen to see new places so if you're considering getting married in or near one of these places, we would love to talk!

Also, If your location isn't on this list, reach out. We're always open to see new, cool spots travel fees are complimentary for bookings that align with our travel schedule, but guys, we are super flexible, so if it looks like fun and we can do it, we will totally see what we can do to do it, so, please get in touch.

*Even if we are not on the island, we have an amazing photographer, Kat, who shoots for us, she is amazing and we are super happy to have her on the team

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