Travel is such a big part of our lives and it seems that no matter how much we resist it (establishing ourselves into a settled life, buying and renovating a house, getting a dog) the thrill of exploring new places is ingrained in us, we just can't help it, we need to go out and explore.

We’ve both, since childhood, lived a life of moving houses/town/countries and that has spilled over into now. We love nothing more then to head out into to the unknown, seek cool things, fill ourselves with the unknown and see what the world has to offer.

We are not afraid of roughing it for a while. We like the simple life. Some of our favourite times have been around a campfire, cooking up a feast, talking about well… whatever.

The past five years we have been based on beautiful North Stradbroke Island, we built us an amazing photography business, written a book, renovated a house and found ourselves involved with this beautiful little tight-knit, lovely community, life is actually really great.

But lately, more and more we have been feeling as though our very cool little beach shack (which we love) with its white picket fence isn’t what we want right now and we decided to hit the road.

So, here we are, we have got ourselves a little camper van and a (very rough) plan, rented out our house on the island and set off across the country.

So check out our travel schedule, because we will be on the road and looking for some exciting new spots to shoot at.

We will be working on a couple of projects along the way as well as on the lookout for awesome photo locations, so reach out and lets start planning a shoot.


July - Straddie

August - Straddie

September - Straddie

October - Straddie

November - Straddie

December - Japan - Straddie

January - Straddie

February - Straddie

March - Straddie - UK

April - UK

May - UK

June - UK

July - UK

August - UK - Straddie

September - Straddie

October - Straddie

November - Straddie

December - ?

We are brand new at this living and working on the road thing, and surprise, surprise, we don't have everything totally worked out. So as we take bookings for 2019 and 2020, building our travel schedule for the year, we'll should get our heads around it..

Our home is on North Stradbroke Island, and we are based there for half of the year, and the other half on the road, with various destinations sprinkled in.

Travel fees are complimentary for bookings that align with our travel schedule, including international locations. If you're considering getting married in or near one of these places, we would love to talk! If your location isn't on this list, reach out. We're always open to see new, cool spots

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