Our Team

Ang + Stu

We have been together for 11 years and married 6. Life is short right, so we are making the most of it. That could be camping with our dog, sunsets and fires on the beach with friends, foraging the hedgerows for delicious treasures, playing board games, hiking national parks, travelling public transport off the beaten track in foreign countries, eating far too many cheese platters and planning our next project.

We met (because of a flip of a coin) in the Australian desert, a year later I (Ang) went backpacking through Europe, but it wasn’t long before we knew it was too late, we had both already fallen hard (oh so hard… at that very moment I really did least expect it) so Stu jumped on a plane and came to the Uk to rescue me, and our pursuit of love and adventure kicked off.

We have been shooting weddings together for the past six years and we actually really love it.

This year we are taking a big leap and splitting the business, so that we work half the year on our paradise island Straddie and the other half in one of our other favourite spots, Wiltshire in the UK.


Before we became wedding photographers we were both newspaper photographers, working across the world, in a fast-paced industry where every day is different, deadlines are tight and the environment is constantly changing... Yes, we have been in the business a very long time... how long? Well we both started our careers using film, that's how long...

We've been thrown into the gutter by Prince Philip's security, spent a couple of days with Richard Branson on his island, had beers and coffee with page three girls, Prime Ministers, murderers, rockstars, Band of Brothers, sportsmen, models, crazies, oh man, we have met every type of person possible,
it was pretty crazy and amazing and we loved it, but, you know what... this is better.

Have a look some of Ang's newspaper shots here, and some of Stu's newspaper shots here



I met Kat at Photography College in Perth, Western Australia. We were in the same year and even back then, I was in awe of her infectious personality and damned amazing talent, because I tell you, this girl has some crazy talent and I feel very privileged that she has agreed to become part of our Stradbroke Island Photography team

After college she spent the next few years building up her Perth wedding photography business until she was one of Western Australia’s most sought after photographers. After a couple of years at the top of her game she decided that she wanted a change of scenery and lifestyle (and we totally get that) so she packed it all up and made the move over to the east coast.
And as a result, lucky us, we get to hang out with her and have her on our team (I think she might be the only one we would trust in this position)

She describes her style as funky, candid, passionate unobtrusive, relaxed, stress free and loads of fun, which fits in perfectly with Stu and I, and our awesome island wedding couples.

Lets not do awkward posing. Lets do those crazy, silly, natural, quirky, considerate, passionate things that you both have together. We love real, and hanging out with real people and real love, it is what this is about after all... So lets get real.