snow at tan house in wiltshire

Snow at Tan House Farm, Wiltshire, UK

Introducing Tan House Farm in Wiltshire. A big piece of my heart belongs here.

The story goes… As I was travelling through Europe I suddenly found myself at the end of my money (as sometimes happens when backpacking around!)

So instead of going home I spent my plane ticket funds on a tent, a £250 car and landed myself a job as a photographer on the Wiltshire Gazette and Herald.

I spent about a month living in the tent in a field behind a pub (paying for ‘rent’ by supplying images of the pub to the landlord!). It was in the pub, The Three Magpies that I met one of my very closest friends, Simon.

Over a few pints of the local brew 6X, he told me that he had a house where he had converted the attic into a flat (that is my little window top right!). Little did I know that this chance meeting would be the beginning of some of the best experiences I have had…

All it took was one look at this incredible 500 year old farm house, set on acres and acres of property, in one of the most beautiful places in England and I was hooked.

It was two years of ye olde English living… hunts, shooting (Simon ran a pheasant shoot on the farm) and making lifelong friends with the locals from the village…

I have the most amazing memories from Wiltshire – I met the most incredible people and am so glad I ran out of money when I did…

Miss you guys… You all know who you are!


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