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We are Ang & Stu and we met (because of a flip of a coin) in the desert in 2007, Ang went backpacking overseas in 2018 and Stu followed her six months later. Married five years after meeting, on Straddie in a tropical storm we have been persuing love and adventure ever since.

We have worked pretty much our whole career as photographers, we were both photographers before we met and it is something that is so ingrained into our lives that we sometimes don't know where we start and the photography side of us ends, it is our passion and we love it.

Between us we clocked up over thirty years as newspaper photographers, working across the world and Australia, in an industry where every day is different, deadlines are tight and the environment is constantly changing... we've been thrown into the gutter by Prince Philip's security, spent a couple of days with Richard Branson on his island, had beers and coffee with page three girls, Prime Ministers, murderers, rockstars, Band of Brothers, sportsmen, models, crazies, oh man, we have met every type of person possible.

Have a look some of Ang's newspaper shots here

And some of Stu's newspaper shots here

So, yeah, we are proper photographers who now shooting weddings, and have done I guess about 200 together over the past five years, most of them on our beautiful paradise island - Straddie.

We've just finished a two year renovation on our little Amity Point island beach shack, as well as writing a book Eat, Drink and Be Straddie and photographing cool couples getting married.  We are always on the lookout for something new and exciting to get involved in, so, at this point, any suggestions are welcome.



drinks a lot of lapsang souching, went to six primary schools and two high schools, doesn't like circles, loves gardening barefoot in the rain



juggler, trained baker and cook, born in the UK, Mininster for Transport and Finance, loves a striped shirt (from his mum), listens to comedy while editing



lives for beachwalks, sticks, geckos, the moon, kookaburras, the neighbours, vacuum cleaners, Scattergories, drones, dolphins, Delilah

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Ang & Stu


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