About Us

Based on beautiful North Stradbroke Island we are a family business who are in love with the paradise we live in and cannot wait to take you to the best locations.


After hearing so much about Straddie from Angie, a couple of beers on Cylinder Headland as the sun went down was all it took for Stu to also be hooked.

He also loves a good adventure to some far-flung place and can currency convert like no other. In the morning he must be provided with good coffee before even considered being talked to, loves football season, makes a mean meat marinade, parallel parks like a champion and can always find Angie’s glasses when she’s lost them.

In between taking photos on the island, he is trying his hand at all things renovation (and demolition) with the help of his wife, dog and the Internets.

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After visiting her sister on Straddie (for one night only) it was while sipping a wine, watching whales breaching that she couldn’t believe the paradise she had stumbled upon. Ten years later she is so excited to be living and working on this paradise island

She loves to wander the world, having travelled, worked and been lost in 60 (or so) countries, cannot start the day without at least two strong lapsang souchongs, will eat pretty much anything (except coffee and tomato sauce), loves anything history and antique and much prefers reading then watching TV.

She lives (and works) with her husband Stu, dog Chester and is happy in their own little beach shack in Amity which they are excited to be renovating themselves.

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