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We love Straddie, and I am guessing that because you are here, you do too. It really is the kind of place that gets under your skin and you just can't shake it.

Just like what happened to Stu and I (Ang), a couple of years ago now, while sitting on Cylinders Headland, drinking a beer and watching the sunset and trying to work out just what we had to do to live here. So we transitioned out of our mainland newspaper photographer jobs and became island wedding photographers. 

And life is pretty damn great, we have since bought and renovated (pretty much by ourselves) a little Amity beach shack, written a book Eat, Drink and Be Straddie, shot hundreds of weddings, portraits and all things island and become a part of this awesome little island community.

And now we also have our good friend Kat (who I first met in photography collage all those years ago) shooting with us and we could not be more delighted about it.


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