Hey, we're ang + stu

Phototgraphers and videographers of people in Love.

We both love the UK. Stu was born here, Ang spent years living here and after a recent four month adventure exploring Europe, visiting friends and family and not being able to shake feeling that we really belong, it was past time to return.

We ended up where we always do, on a hay farm in Wiltshire, nestled somewhere between Stonehenge and Bath, there is just something about it, the history, the culture, sitting in an english pub, next to a roaring fire, drinking cider, where everyone knows your name, hopping on a plane to Europe and, within a couple of hours, being in a totally different world, Waitrose, carboot sales, crop circles, stone circles, long barrows.

You’ll find us hiking between historical sites, or in the bushes foraging for sloe berries or picking that devil plant, stinging nettles to cook up on the aga.

So the plan is to split out time between living on our favourite farm the UK and our little beach shack on North Stradbroke Island, Australia.

Guys, this is happening, and we cannot tell you how freakin' excited we. So right now we find ourselves in need of booking some UK weddings, so if you are interested, get in touch, our first few bookings are going to be going for some pretty great pricing.

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