Ruby and Matt | Straddie Elopement photographer

Ruby and Matt | Straddie elopement portrait

simmsquinn Portrait

Ruby and Matt, were married in Brisbane in the morning and then caught the ferry over to have their Straddie elopement portraits in the afternoon.

We loved having a little adventure with these guys, walking and having a chat, enjoying the island and getting some photos in a relaxed, chill way.

What an awesome way to spend your wedding day.

Elaine and Barry's | Flinders family portraits | Straddie

Eileen and Barry | Flinders family portrait | Straddie

simmsquinn Portrait

For Barry’s 70th birthday his kids got all of the family together for a Flinders family portrait.

They came from all over the place, as far as the US, gathering together at their childhood holiday home in Flinders beach.

We all then strolled the short treelined path down to the beach for a sunset shoot, the light was perfect, the family was cool, with a touch of crazy (which we love) and everyone was having fun… the most important part.

Kassia and Shane | Straddie portrait photographer

Kassia and Shane | Stradbroke Island family portrait

simmsquinn Portrait

We met Kassia and Shane when we shot their wedding.

It was here that we found out that Kassia’s parents are out almost behind neighbours in Amity and we have been bumping into these guys across the years whenever they visit.

We loved that they wanted to catch up and get some photos taken of them and their gorgeous addition to their family, in our neat, little photographic town, Amity.

We love this mix of forest and beach and amazing sunset light as the sun disappears over the horizon, not a bad way to spend the afternoon at all.

Hebson Family | Straddie family portrait

The Hebson’s | Amity family portrait session

simmsquinn Portrait

There is not much that beats a sunrise on North Stradbroke Island so when we met for a family portrait session at Amity Point we knew that it was going to be a pretty awesome start to the day.

Could you get any cuter then this little island family.

They love Straddie too, so we spent the morning having running races, drawing in the sand, getting tipped upside down (well not all of us got to get tipped upside down… dammit!) and talking about how awesome it is to be up and on the beach for sunrise.

Park Family | Amity family portraits

The Park’s | Amity family portraits

simmsquinn Portrait

Tim (who is friends with our friends Megs and Bro) got in touch and wanted to buy a voucher for an Amity family portrait to give to his wife Shannon (what a freakin’ great idea… just sayin’) How cute is that

So we spent a rainy afternoon running on and off the beach, doing cartwheels, chatting and ignoring the remnants of a hangover (not saying who’s)

We have since seen these guys a few times, including a pretty epic watermelon fight in Chinchilla (which I am calling was started by Shannon) and drinks/beach days on Flinders. All of which I am pretty happy about because these guys are pretty flippin’ cool.

Kym and Al | Amity family portrait | North Stradbroke Island

simmsquinn Portrait

When Kym and Al (lets face it, it was all Kym, Al would have avoided it if at all possible) asked us to shoot their Amity family portrait we were so freakin’ delighted.

We had already photographed their very cool Amity wedding (check that out here) and following the story through the next stages is absolutely one of my very favourite things to do.

So I drove the 100 (or so) meters, around the corner to their house and spent some time with them in their crazy household.

This special, crazy time was made all the more poignant by a couple of things;

Firstly, I discovered that Al had ever – I love beer, high five to that Al. Also, we went back to the beach that we had spent sunset on, during their wedding day, which was pretty cool and sadly, pretty much the next day their lovely little dog, and a big part of their family, passed away, so these last images with him became very important (And that right there is why you hire a professional photographer… just sayin’)