Mariana and Josh | Stradbroke Island wedding

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We are in love with Mariana and Josh and their Stradbroke Island wedding Love Story.

Mariana is Chilean and Josh is Australian.

Mariana was studying in her home town and met Josh at the end of his South American holiday… ‘something’ was there from the beginning.

Enough so that he couldn’t resist extending his holiday to spend some more time with her.

This led to a three year long distance relationship until they could both finally be together full-time.

So they were married on the beach on beautiful North Stradbroke Island, in front of their wonderful friends and family, including Mariana’s parents and brother who had come all the way from Chile for the lovely occasion.

We had an absolutely amazing day – these guys were so much fun… my very first handstanding groom!

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Straddie wedding love story

Stradbroke Island wedding love story

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4 Ingredients – One Pot One Bowl

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One of our most very favourite regular clients is Kim McCosker and her team of amazing 4 Ingredients super women. (

I am completely in love with her passion and vision. Spending time with Kim and her team is an absolute, inspirational delight.

The images above are a small sample of the awesome photo’s from the 4 Ingredients latest book One Pot One Bowl and were all taken by Stuart… The book is incredible and we love that the photographs take a leading role featuring prominently throughout.

We have a copy in our kitchen, it suits our busy lifestyle perfectly and we would be lost without it.

The next 4 Ingredients book is to be launched in August and will again feature photography from simmsquinn.


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Madeleine and Josh’s island wedding

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We were given the incredible opportunity to photograph the wedding of the MOST AMAZING couple recently on North Stradbroke Island.

This GORGEOUS couple met on Straddie, became engaged on Straddie and then became husband and wife on beautiful North Stradbroke Island – obviously a very special place for the both of them… They love the island – and the island loves them.

I met them in the Straddie Hotel on the night that Josh popped the question to Maddie… the whole pub was abuzz with the news and I just couldn’t resist going over and talking to them. I am so glad that I did because we were very priveliged to be able to spend the day with them and their lovely friends and family.

Although threatening to rain all day, the skies remained clear for the ceremony and fun photo’s afterwards. Although I am sure a bit of rain wouldn’t have bothered them… Maddie was all for a run through the raindrops…

We were able to spend some time on Flinders Beach… Maddie, Josh, bridesmaids Victoria and Tracey, groomsmen Luke and Carlin all driven around in two fantastic Chrysler’s one which was Josh’s own – a part of their history together and no doubt also their future.

We can’t wait to catch up with these guys for a rum\champagne when they visit the island next.


Our engagement

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After over 4 years together, many countries, several moves and a couple of camera upgrades I thought it time to take the bull by the horns and take the simmsquinn partnership officially to the next level, An Engagement.

My window of opportunity came about on the 29th of February – the leap year. And traditionally the only day of the year where the woman can ask the man to marry them.

Wanting to make it a little special for Stu, I organised a secret treasure hunt for him through our lovely little beachside town, Coolum Beach.

He was to go between places collecting envelopes containing clues to the next destination as well as a couple of scrabble pieces.

He had a fantastic time (well it had to beat the job he was supposed to do that day – fixing up the shed after it was washed away in a recent massive storm!)

Starting with a package with some new clothes and then going between a haircut, ‘our’ cafe, private surf lessons, lunch with the boys, massage, the hardware shop and then as a final stop meeting me at ‘our’ beach for some champagne, nibblies and the final scrabble pieces – which spelt out asking him to marry me!

Obviously he said YES… (above is a pic of our little engagement picnic!) And so we are about to plan our own wedding… all very exciting.

While being very secretive in the days leading up to it I was interviewed by the very lovely Sam from the website Easy Weddings. She did a story on the day which appeared on the front page… it was all very cool!… (thank goodness he said yes hey!!)

Here is a screen grab of the story – if you would like to link through to the site click here


We were also the inspiration behind that days entry for good friend Lisa Chant’s daily blog ‘What can I learn today’ To check it out click here!


Look what I got for Valentine day

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Oh man, thankyou St Valentine

Meet Chester…

He is a 6 week old border collie and he is absolutely gorgeous.

Trouble… but oh so cute,

We have spent the last couple of days running around after him and I am afraid to say that I think he has quickly become the boss of our household.

Very keen to document his growth it may be possible that we have made him the most photographed puppy ever.

It has been a lot of fun… and it has inspired us to start a new project.

If you love your dog, would like to contribute to a worthy charity and are keen to see your pooch published, then stay tuned…. we may have something just for you.