Hannah and Reg | Stradbroke Island | Point Lookout wedding photographer

Hannah and Reg | North Stradbroke Island wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

When Hannah and Reg asked us to photograph their wedding we were pretty excited, these guys love Amity as much as we do, with Hannah’s family coming here for years and years and having their own Amity home just around the corner from us.

When they said that they wanted to do something different with their Reception styling and put a 9 meter image of Amity across the back wall (way cool Amity backdrop) and could we help them out with that. We were like, Oh Mah Gawd, Whaaaat! Hell YES.

So not only did we get to hang out with these awesome couple and their cool mates for the day, we saw an image of ours blown up to massive proportions.

And it looked amazing.

Thanks for the hangout and all of the love Hannah and Reg, we will be seeing you for sunset drinks at the Amity boat ramp some time soon.


Hair; Stranded on Straddie

Makeup; Topaz Polele Makeup

Ceremony Styling: Stradbroke Island Events

Catering; Whales Way



A highlights video we put together for them.

This is what Hannah texted me the morning after receiving it

“I am obsessed with this video! I think I have seen it 100 times already. I bloody love the work you guys do”

Nettii and Joel | Stradbroke Island Photography | Adventure Engagement

Nettii and Joel | Straddie Adventure Engagement

simmsquinn Adventure Love Shoot

It was hit and miss on whether we would be shooting Nettii and Joel’s Straddie adventure engagement session because the weather had been tumultuous all week.

Even though it was super stormy and raining buckets these guys hopped on the ferry with their dogs and made the trip over for their sunset shoot.

And they certainly made the right call, the skies cleared just for us and we went on a little adventure, enjoying some of the beautiful island sights, took some photos, laughed, danced and ended up on the beach and in the water.

It was super fun.

After the sun went down, they went off, hand in hand, dripping wet, down Flinders Beach where they camped the night, in the rain and in love, which is just perfect.

See yourself having a fun adventure shoot like this get in touch info@simmsquinn.com


Jade and Rhy | North Stradbroke Island | destination wedding

Jade and Rhy | Stradbroke Island wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

Jade is a local Straddie girl and Rhy is from my home town, Geraldton in WA so when they asked us to shoot their Stradbroke Island wedding we knew it was going to be freakin’ awesome.

It really was very lovely, two beautiful families coming together to celebrate love.

We stayed and drank and partied and chatted and danced and had so much fun.

I have never seen the dancefloor (grassed area) of the Point Lookout Community Club go off as much as it did that night, one of the guests bought out a didgeridoo and it was on. wowza.

Jacinta and Jason | Stradbroke Island wedding | Ang & Stu | Stradbroke Island Photography

Jacinta and Jason | Stradbroke Island Middle Home Beach wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

It is on days like these that we feel pretty lucky to be doing what we do.

I can’t even tell you how much we enjoyed shooting this wedding

I met Jacinta when she was my sisters housemate and Jason the local policeman.

We watched as their love grew very quickly and the deal seemed to be sealed when Jacinta caught the bouquet at Soph and Andy’s wedding

My sister did the makeup, one of my hive, Michelle did the hair, I knew everyone from the brides side of the bridal party, having lived next door to one, shot two of their weddings, been drinking on numerous occasions with all of them, living with one for 15 years (my sister)  suffice to say, it was very close to our heart.

Donna and her team as always were amazing with the planning and styling, Shez the celebrant, who we have worked with a lot over the years and was our celebrant

The weather was perfect, one of those typical beautiful Straddie days.

And we were invited, actually invited, our names on the seating plan and everything… very cool.

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Emma and Anthony | Stradbroke Island wedding | couple dancing in Point Lookout Community Hall

Emma and Anthony | Trash the dress Stradbroke Island Wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

As with most people getting their feet sandy and married on Straddie, Emma and Anthony were a super cute, fun and laid-back couple who rocked their not only their wedding but also  trash the dress shoot.

Their wedding was beautifully styled (Well done as always Donna and her team from Stradbroke Island Events) with lots of little details including an incredible chandelier hanging from a tree above the dance-floor where these guys pulled off the most.amazing.first dance. It was awesome.

And then we met again a couple of days later for a trash the dress shoot. One of our favourite things to do.

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Jenny and Dave | Straddie wedding | Ang & Stu | Stradbroke Island Photography

Jenny and Dave | Stradbroke Island Community Hall wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

We always love a Point Lookout Community Hall wedding. It is such an amazing space to show off all of those finishing touches you have dreamed about (and have collected on Pinterest for all those years, don’t try to deny it)

Jenny and Dave did just that, they thought about everything, the hall was filled with all of their little bits and pieces, the place they both got ready in was amazing (and perfect for us as photographers (it was Allure, on Pratt St in Point Lookout, Ray White is the agent) Dave even strung up a swing on the beach for some photos (he works in aerial ropes for his job on the mines) it was pretty perfect.