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Cat and Luke | Stradbroke Island surf club wedding

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A really perfect day for an island Surf Club wedding

So what happens when a lovely, fun irish girl meets and falls in love with a handsome (patient) aussie guy.

Well, a crazy, laughter (and song) filled coming together of two families, on a paradise island during a perfectly amazing Straddie day.

Groom Luke recruited what looked like an army to get down to South Gorge first thing in the morning to clean up some of the mess the storms had left.

While bride Cat sat happily amongst the chaos (with the occasional break out into a power ballad) that was her family and friends who were here for the wedding all the way from Ireland.

Her brother, who was to walk her down the aisle, was taking the job of ring barer very seriously and (in his very cute irish accent) walked us through the emergency plan just incase of a tsunami and what he would do with the rings.

One of the bridesmaids had just had a baby but she was there and ready to go… nothing was going to stop this wedding… not even the cancellation of the band the week before. Nice work for stepping in at the last moment Adam Dunn

Kobe on fire as always on hair (this girl is good… even when very pregnant as she was during Cat and Luke’s wedding)


With Mary Burns as the Celebrant, Stradbroke Island Events (as always) doing an amazing job on the ceremony and reception styling and set up, Stradbroke Catering dishing up some incredible food with the guest able to take in the breathtaking views and dance the night away at the reception venue Point Lookout Surf Club

We had such a fun time, it was a fantastic wedding to be apart of. Thanks guys. xx

Emerald and Pattie | Stradbroke Island local wedding

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Hands up in the air for a Stradbroke Island local wedding.

When island locals Emerald and Pattie announced that they had become engaged we (and the whole community) were delighted for them.

Gorgeous Emerald, who I have known for almost ten years, handsome Pat, the lucky man who happened to snap her up and their little ball of energy Paxton.

And then when they asked us to take their wedding photos we were absolutely beside ourselves. Yippee! We couldn’t wait. We knew this was going to be


It was an island locals; friends and family affair… with my sister Emma on makeup, Sheryl as celebrant (and who had been privy to their relationship as it first blossomed as Pat was working as the ‘new chef on the island’ at the Pub, Donna outdoing herself (once again) by taking care of the styling and decorations, Kobe on hair (god she’s good), Lisa doing an amazing job on the flowers, with Emerald and her girls getting ready at the very convenient Allure (just a short walk across the road to the ceremony on Home Beach and the Reception at the Community Hall) Plus Pat’s sister Katie and Emerald’s sister Amber were both bridesmaids… You could just feel the LOVE.


Lincoln, Emerald’s brother who is on the surf tour was in Portugal for a comp and was unable to make it. This didn’t stop him from attending his big sisters big day though.

As a surprise for the couple Emeralds family had a life-sized cutout made of him and as Emerald walked down the aisle she saw that ‘he’ had managed to make it after all. ‘Lincoln’ had a great time, drinking beers with the guys, hanging out with his family, eating cake, and cutting up the dance floor along with everyone else.

We also put together a video of the day:


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Mel and Jay | Stradbroke Island wedding

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This is the Stradbroke Island wedding of Mel and Jay. The weather was amazing, the boys handsome, the girls gorgeous, their daughter Lily unbelievably cute.

What more could two paradise island photographers ask for.

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perfect island wedding

perfect island wedding















Dresses; Gowns of Elegance (Linda the owner and all around wedding extraordinaire also happens to also be Mel’s step mum)

Celebrant; Sheryl Gotje (what a woman)

Reception; Point Lookout Surf Club (the views…oh the views)

Reception and Ceremony styling; Linda and Stradbroke Island Events (beautiful as always)

Bride and Groom getting ready at Whales Watch (within perfect walking distance of the Surf Club)

Hair by Maree

Gemma and Charl | Stradbroke Island beach wedding

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It was a very first Straddie beach wedding

And have you seen a more gorgeous newly married couple…

In the weeks leading up had been raining and grey, with the island receiving a soaking the night before – so a beach wedding was looking a little doubtful.

And even thought the sky was quite ominous, it was decided… on the beach it would be.

And absolutely the right decision.

That breathtaking instant during the vows as the clouds parted and the sun shone bathing the wedding in bright light and sparkling off their new wedding rings.

A moment no-one will forget.

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first straddie wedding

4 Ingredients Kids shoot with Kim McCosker

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This years wet and wild Australia Day was spent on the Sunshine Coast with Kim McCosker and her incredible 4 Ingredients team shooting the last images for her upcoming Wellness Trilogy recipe books.

All very exciting as just having started the ‘new me’ (again) and eating healthily… avoiding wheat, cutting down on sugars and attempting to stay on the wagon!

As today is another day of ‘stay at home’ weather I thought I might post some photographs shot for her last book, 4 Ingredients Kids.

Stu shot this one and (being a big kid himself) had alot of fun with all of the different props.

With not much time for cooking I love anything which is quick, easy and has the least amount of time spent in the shops searching for the contents. Cannot wait for the new series… the first one will be out in about a month… will keep you posted!

Kim McCosker 4 Ingredients

Kim McCosker 4 Ingredients


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Kylie and Joe | Stradbroke Island 4WD wedding

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As soon as we met Joe and his mates down at the bottom end of the island’s golf course (driving golf carts instead of the usual 4WD) we knew we were in for a fun day.

And it was one heck of a 4WD adventure.

From Kylie turning up to the ceremony at Pub Cove in Joe’s Hilux, to the bridesmaid’s speech involving a singalong and then at the end of the night – the crazy costumed photo booth.

We had a ball hanging out with these guys, their friends and family and cannot wait to catch up with them again out on Straddie.


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