After shot Claytons Rd beach house renovations

Our Kitchen | Amity Point shack renovation

simmsquinn Renovations

People always comment on our kitchen renovation, good comments, comments that make me feel all warm inside, and I accept that praise because I really love our kitchen as well. It represents months (more like years) of planning, imagination and really freakin’ hard work. As we were going through the process I would look at the space where I know …

After shot od Amity point beach shack renovations

Finding the one | Amity Point beach shack renovations

simmsquinn Renovations

Everyone loves a Before and After shoot. After so many months of looking for a house to buy, we were on our way to photograph another house and spontaneously stopped off at little, beach shack in Amity, that had been on the market for a while. As soon as I walked through the front door (after fighting my way through …