Hannah and Reg | Stradbroke Island | Point Lookout wedding photographer

Hannah and Reg | North Stradbroke Island wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

When Hannah and Reg asked us to photograph their wedding we were pretty excited, these guys love Amity as much as we do, with Hannah’s family coming here for years and years and having their own Amity home just around the corner from us. When they said that they wanted to do something different with their Reception styling and put …

Jade and Rhy | North Stradbroke Island | destination wedding

Jade and Rhy | Stradbroke Island wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

Jade is a local Straddie girl and Rhy is from my home town, Geraldton in WA so when they asked us to shoot their Stradbroke Island wedding we knew it was going to be freakin’ awesome. It really was very lovely, two beautiful families coming together to celebrate love. We stayed and drank and partied and chatted and danced and …

Jacinta and Jason | Stradbroke Island wedding | Ang & Stu | Stradbroke Island Photography

Jacinta and Jason | Stradbroke Island Middle Home Beach wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

It is on days like these that we feel pretty lucky to be doing what we do. I can’t even tell you how much we enjoyed shooting this wedding I met Jacinta when she was my sisters housemate and Jason the local policeman. We watched as their love grew very quickly and the deal seemed to be sealed when Jacinta …

Jenny and Dave | Straddie wedding | Ang & Stu | Stradbroke Island Photography

Jenny and Dave | Stradbroke Island Community Hall wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

We always love a Point Lookout Community Hall wedding. It is such an amazing space to show off all of those finishing touches you have dreamed about (and have collected on Pinterest for all those years, don’t try to deny it) Jenny and Dave did just that, they thought about everything, the hall was filled with all of their little …

Kellie and Matt | Straddie wedding | Stradbroke Island Photography

Kellie and Matt | Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

If you are after a location where everything is all done within a hop-skip and a jump from each other then choose a Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel wedding. As soon as I started emailing with these guys I knew that they were going to be awesome, so laid-back and lovely we were super excited to be involved with their wedding from …

Naomi and Tim | North Stradbroke Island wedding | Ang & Stu |

Naomi and Tim | Stradbroke Island marquee wedding

simmsquinn Straddie Wedding

A Stradbroke Island marquee wedding is just what we all dream of  isn’t it. Naomi and Tim did just that and it was really beautiful. These guys and their crew were such fun to hang out with and Straddie once again, turned on the beauty for them. Thanks for being a really awesome couple you two xx Accommodation Stradbroke Island …