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Yes please. Lets meet up next time you are on the island for a coffee and chat about your plans for your big day. If we cannot meet up then lets talk on the phone or Skype. We also meet for a quick check-in a couple of days before your wedding (you guys are going to be super busy) but it is really just to say hi and to confirm things and make sure we are across any changes.
Although it does depend on the package that you get, but generally the photographer for the day will be either Stu or Ang or one of our super freakin' awesome associate photographers. Associate photographer is a fancy word we have seen used elsewhere, but what it means for us is that after over twenty years each in the photographic industry, we have we assembled a group of kick arse, experienced and pretty much just god damned, cool collection of photographer friends  Just know this; we've got this guys... we are all very experienced in weddings and in particular North Stradbroke Island weddings and I can promise you that we are the best team for the job, we have worked too damn hard over the past seven or so years, we love our business and island and clients too much to start dealing with dicks. On saying that... a little COVID (youbitch) update; the chances that you will be getting Ang or/and Stu is pretty high right now, we have cancelled all travel, are staying still on the island, for at least 2020 and possibly longer, who the heck knows right now, but one thing we can promise, whoever from our team shots your wedding, you will love it.
We have found, with a 'usual sized' wedding, that about to 6-7 hours usually covers a Straddie wedding day perfectly – this allows us to capture some of the getting ready time, right through to your entrance into your Reception. And of course this is not set in stone, it is just what we have found is the most cost effective and efficient, we will change that up to suit what you are after, it is totally your day.
We sure can, we have a package that will cover everything otherwise additional hours can be added for longer coverage right into the night capturing all of the going ons and dance-floor craziness.
Thanks for asking, yes we do. We would love to make a beautiful highlights video of your special day. When you book us to shoot your wedding we can combine our powers to also shoot video for you.
Of course we do, we would be delighted to design you a beautiful, lay-flat, keepsake, bespoke book to keep on your coffee table and to show all of your friends.
The way we see it is... you are with your besties, looking hot, having a couple of drinks, watching everything you have planned for unfold around you, life is feeling great, things may get a little crazy and we cannot wait to capture all of the lovely, honest and spontaneous moments that happen throughout the day. It is super important that you have an amazing day (the time of your life really) So we want to make sure that your time with us is more then just a couple of hours having your photo taken, we want it to be fun - the real fun... because when you are having fun, you look as though you are having fun, and this makes for awesome photos... that is what it is all about isn't it.
The best light for photographs happen in the hours leading up to sunset (generally as a rule, you should try to avoid the middle of the day) How we usually work out the best time for your ceremony is, find out when the sun sets and then time your ceremony for about 3 - 2 1/2 hours before. This should give you enough time to be a teeny bit late, have your ceremony, get congratulated by your guests, have a group photo and your family formals and then about an hour's worth of locations photos with your bridal party, catching that last bit of amazing light before heading off into your par-tay.
If you mean unedited raw files, then no; the editing of the images is as much a part of the service as the actual taking of the photographs; and RAW files are a very long way from the finished product. But what you do get is both the the high resolution and low resolution JPG files of each of your edited images. Those are yours to keep; to email around the world, share on Facebook, Print up and hang on your wall. They’re your memories, after all.
Straddie is our patch, we have shot hundreds of weddings and events on the island so we know the different locations like the back of our hand. We live here and are very lucky to have such an incredible backdrop, we know where to tuck into if there is a roaring wind and still get the view, the 'easy to get to in heels' spots, and the not so easy to get to -  for the more adventurous, the secret spots, the rain friendly spots, the spots where the light streams through perfectly at the best time of the day, during every season... rain, hail or shine. (Pick us, we know what we are doing!)
No, we will be fine, we can sort ourself out. Unless you have us covering additional reception time, then yes please. We put so much into the day that by the time the reception comes along we are almost done so the energy will be much needed after the big day we have had.
I know, rain or dreary weather is not how you envisioned your Straddie beach wedding to turn out, but do not despair (we have this covered - literally) we have photographed quite a few rainy weddings on the island (our own was absolutely torrential, so seriously... we totally know how you feel) We would have met up with you in the lead up to your big day so we will have a PlanB sorted out. But we are always game to go for an explore, get out the umbrella's and dance in the puddles, it'll be fun, plus some of our most amazing images have been captured on wet miserable days, it is all part of the fun. 
Can someone give me a HELL YEAH
Our agreement states within six weeks from the date, but we have never made our couples wait longer then a month (even during busy wedding season)
When you are ready to lock us in, please supply us with both of your names and address and we’ll email out the paperwork for you to read through and sign, Once we have signed agreement and the $500 non-refundable retainer, then your date is all locked in. With the final payment due one month before the wedding.

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