maternity shoot at the beach

Megan and Brodie | Adventure photographer for every occasion


You cannot even imagine how excited we get when we are asked by one of our couples to shoot their pregnancy photos.

How amazing to be invited to hang out with them on their wedding day and then get asked to be involved in another of their incredible milestones.

I have said it before and I will say it again… we have

Plus I just love big bellied beauties.

So this is Megan and Brodie.

engagement couple on a tree swing

We shot their engagement

engagement shoot amity jetty


wedding couple on the beach

and maternity

pregnancy couple shoot

and now we are mates (we are actually spending New Years Eve with them… yippee!)

Doing the maternity photos is one of my very favourite types of shoots to do.

It is so beautiful to be involved with something so joyful, intimate, powerful and significant. What a time. A new person is about to be born into the world.

How freaking exciting!


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