Kym and Al | Stradbroke family portrait

Kym and Al | Amity family portrait | North Stradbroke Island

When Kym and Al (lets face it, it was all Kym, Al would have avoided it if at all possible) asked us to shoot their Amity family portrait we were so freakin’ delighted.

We had already photographed their very cool Amity wedding (check that out here) and following the story through the next stages is absolutely one of my very favourite things to do.

So I drove the 100 (or so) meters, around the corner to their house and spent some time with them in their crazy household.

This special, crazy time was made all the more poignant by a couple of things;

Firstly, I discovered that Al had ever – I love beer, high five to that Al. Also, we went back to the beach that we had spent sunset on, during their wedding day, which was pretty cool and sadly, pretty much the next day their lovely little dog, and a big part of their family, passed away, so these last images with him became very important (And that right there is why you hire a professional photographer… just sayin’)

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