Ang and Stu - Stradbroke Island based creatives

Hi there! We’re Ang, Stu and we’re thrilled you’ve dropped by our little corner of the world to say hello. We’d love to talk all things photography and videography with you. But first, here’s a little of our story…

As long-time Straddie residents, passionate travellers and adventurers, much of our life together (yep, we’re married) has been viewed through a camera lens. All over the world, we’ve worked for newspapers, shot for lifestyle magazines, featured in photography exhibitions, collaborated with famous brands, contributed to tourism campaigns of all kinds and helped thousands of people to capture memories for a lifetime.

As you can imagine, it’s been a wonderfully eclectic journey. But in among the amazing opportunities there has been one common thread.

Which is that we’re not just about giving you amazing photography and videography (although that’s a given), we’re also about giving you an amazing, enjoyable and creative experience.

Whether we’re shooting your wedding or elopement, recording lasting memories of a getaway with friends, helping your business update its suite of imagery, or simply capturing a portrait for posterity, we’ll make sure you enjoy the process as much as the outcome.

We’ll put you at ease, help you pose like a natural, unleash that killer smile, capture the warmth of your family or nail the perfect mood and message to promote your brand.

Throw in Straddie as the world’s most beautiful backdrop and the end results are stunning.

Just ask the people who’ve worked with us before and who come back to us again and again to capture their big life milestones.

Put simply, we love our life, we love our jobs and we’d love to work with you. So give us a call or drop us a line. We’re always up for a chat.


All of the text above is true, our very talented copywriter wrote it out from questions she asked us, and, yes, I think she has done a pretty good job with it. But to get an idea about us ... The highlights reel is:
  • We are a married couple, we met while working at the same newspaper. We were already accomplished newspaper photographers by the time we met and had both already worked at several papers, in different parts of the world.
  • Ten years ago, after bouncing over the world for a bit, we decided that we wanted to live on Straddie and so, we made it happen.
  • We shot our first Straddie wedding together in 2012 and have shot hundreds on the island since then.
  • We have a little fisherman's shack in Amity that we renovated ourselves, we freakin' love it.
  • We love to travel, and not to your usual tourist destinations - resorts have no place in our travel plans. We like it off-grid and real and gritty and difficult to get to and completely local, if we can't understand what anyone is saying, or the foods we are eating, then we have found our place. If we need anything bigger then carry-on to get there, then we're not going. We have been known, to buy a one way ticket to nowhere and work it out once we get there. Gawd, I mess travel.
  • No we do not have kids and no we will not have them and yes we feel as though our life is pretty damn good despite this.
  • We make a really awesome team. Stu usually shoots photos and Ang usually shoots video (but we are pretty interchangeable, we both do both) And runs most sides of the business and Stu does most of the shooting and editing of images and I do most of the filming and film editing.
  • With us, what you see is what you get ... We are open and give you all the information you need so you know exactly what is happening with us, what to expect and what you'll receive.
  • The way we are set up, is that Stu and/or Ang are who will turn up at your wedding during the times that we are on the island - check our schedule HERE. Being very prepared and hyper vigilant, we have trained some of our photographer friends to shoot for us if needed. So if your date falls when we are not there, or something out of our control happens (gawdforbid) then we are covered with a Plan B, Plan C and Plan D (and we will always let you know what is happening)
  • We really despise the administration side of the business (just sitting here tapping this out is making me mad) We prefer to be spending our time being creative, not answering emails. So, please check our FAQ
  • Despite everything thrown at us during COVID, through sheer hard work and tenacity, our little business survived and we are pretty damn proud of this.
  • We are not a part of any photography or wedding industry group or association. We are all for everyone doing whatever works for them, but we are pretty happy, just over here doing our own thing, not joining in (we find people who know what they want and have to search for it, the best people, just sayin') Thanks for checking us out.
  • The chances are high that it will be either Stu or myself (Ang) or both of us, shooting your wedding. But we also have a very talented team of photographers and videographers, who we have met over the many years working as professional photographers who we trust and we can call on when we need. I said this already here didn't I.
  • Yes we are vaxxed, but we are also all about, your body, your choice, none of my business what you do.
  • We are really freakin' good at shooting weddings (isn't that what you are here for!) but we also do other stuff
  • We wrote a book - Eat, Drink and Be Straddie
  • We make documentaries. It is a passion and about important things. In 2021 we made one about the Aboriginal workers of the Dunwich Benevolent Asylum and their campaign for equal wages (the first in Australia) and we also made one about the Goompi Foreshore and the Aboriginal connection to country.
  • We don't like waste and very rarely buy anything new (hands up who else op-shops)
  • Stu makes his own beer and if it wasn't illegal to do your own distilling - he would do that as well. But it is, of course, illegal, so he doesn't do it, as if he would!!
  • We also make alot from the garden and love a good forage.

Dates we are available to shoot Stradbroke Island weddings


August 8 - September 24

October 23 - November 27


March - May

August - October

Heck yeah, we wrote a book!

Brought to life in rich and vivid detail through the award-winning lens of North Stradbroke Island creatives Angie Simms and Stuart Quinn, Eat, Drink and Be Straddie is an adventure and a recipe book all rolled into one.

Coming in at 200 pages, the full-colour tome boasts more than 100 recipes focused on the freshest island ingredients and ideas, as well as feature stories on Straddie producers, an island timeline and much, much more.

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