Angie Simms RMIT folio

A selection of images I have taken within the past two years, not my best, not my worst – for the past ten years most of my income has been made shooting weddings on North Stradbroke Island. My company Stradbroke Island Photography has played an integral part in the development of the wedding industry on the island, when I started there were only a handful of weddings a year, now it is a strong industry. It has provided a great lifestyle, but it time to move on.

ZoeJamie LowRes 585
ZoeJamie LowRes 482
TaraHarley LowRes 332
TaraHarley LowRes 256
SheridanTom LowRes 349
HarrietJames LowRes 211
KateDane LowRes 681
NancyShane LowRes 451
ParissAdrian LowRes 76
RhiJoe LowRes 51
CharlotteRichard LowRes 414 1
AlyssaJordan LowRes 222

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