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Eat, Drink and Be Straddie ebook

It is all about Eat, Drink and Be Straddie.

One of the beautiful things about North Stradbroke Island is that once you’ve been to visit, you carry a little piece of it with you forever. That’s certainly our experience anyways.

Photographers by trade – with Stu also a qualified baker – we are hugely inspired by the way island life brings everything back to basics.

And it’s a spirit that we, fairly committed foodies (except on hangover afternoons, when our go to is a spread of freezer dim sims, fish fingers and a concoction of dipping sauces… sorry not sorry) carried into their first (but not last) publication, a 200-page lifestyle cookbook called Eat, Drink and Be Straddie.

Get your Amazon copy below – although if you prefer not to support the devil, give the money directly to us (and the taxman) through our own online store

Bursting with homegrown ingredients, fresh flavours and a focus on simple sophistication, the book has more than 100 recipes, ranging from brekkie and brunch through to desserts that fit the very definition of decadence.

But more than that, it also celebrates wider island life, with profiles of local producers, favourite dishes from Straddie notables, an informative island timeline and a focus on local and native ingredients.

It’s a classic labour of love, and with both printed and digital versions available to buy, it’s the perfect way to keep a little piece of island magic close to your heart. Or share it as a gift with friends and family.

PSST: If you’re looking to start a little smaller, we’ve also released a trio of offshoot digital cookbooks that serve as a taster for Eat, Drink and Be Straddie.

Themed to Summer Days, Seafood And Eat It, and Naked Flame, they’re the perfect intro to our Straddie recipes and ideal inspiration for your own home kitchen.

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