Fel + Josh | Adder Rock tipi | Point Lookout wedding

Fel + Josh | Adder Rock tipi | Point Lookout wedding

Fel and Josh had already changed their wedding date five times when they got in touch with us for their Home Beach tipi wedding.

Both got ready at a holiday home on Tramican Street, Point Lookout.

It was less then a week before their date. That is right – a couple of days before. Of all things, weather had been the final date changing factor – from the Saturday til the Sunday and so, the photographer and videographer they had booked couldn’t make it – maaaan, gawd damn, yes, it has been stressful for brides and grooms with the changes and inconveniences and extra stresses bought about by COVID, but have a thought for all of the vendors out there, and what they have been going through trying to keep everyone happy and fitting everything in, all while holding onto their small business with their fingertips.

Stradbroke Island wedding photographer

Fel and Josh had been in touch with us previously, but the first date they gave us we thought we were going to be in the UK (gawd dammit COVID) so were unable to do it, but by the time it came around, the world as we know it had changed and all plans were upended … no biggie, just the usual COVID story.

Ok, So Fel and Josh.

These guys met at uni, Few was Josh’s tutor (which we appreciate, as I was Stu’s boss when we first met) and being planners ourselves, we appreciate the architecture of a good strategy.

And I am not afraid to admit, there is something very satisfying about a mathematician and engineer getting together to plan a wedding. Not one thing is left unconsidered, logistics are outlined, every single thing is carefully prepped and considered … and then a worldwide pandemic hit and everything goes out the damn window.

Tipi on the beach at the Adder Rock end of Home Beach

Point Lookout Intimate wedding

They were in Victoria and we are in Queensland, so they jumped in their car and started their scheduled meander from Melbourne, all of their weddings stuff, themselves, plus two dogs in their little Focus.

Fel + Josh | Adder Rock tipi | Point Lookout wedding
By the time they got to Albury, statewide lockdown were being talked about and so they put their foot down, and drove, non stop, all the way up to the Queensland border, where, instead of the planned, relaxing night in a dog friendly hotel at a pre-booked hotel, they all spent the night in their car in a carpark at Goondiwindi.

Ceremony right next to their tipi on Home Beach.

They made it, in time, but of course most of their travelling guests were locked out our the state, plus the weather was having something to say about their plans of a beautiful tipi on the beach and it was decided that their day needed to be changed, which played havoc with the availability of their vendors, which is when we were called in, we were happy to help, they were cool, we love a tipi on the beach and who doesn’t love a bit of drama.

We also made a highlights video from the day.

Photos at South Gorge and Home Beach

At this point can I give a shout out to Donna and her team from Stradbroke Island Events, they have spent the pandemic juggling everyones wedding, ensuring that they still have the perfect day, organising all of the other vendors, placating brides and grooms and generally putting their couples happiness ahead of their own, it has been a sight to behold and this wedding was a classic example (five date changes in and all sorts of dramas on the day)

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The main vendors from the day were:

Photography/videography: Stradbroke Island Photography

Planning/Stylist: Stradbroke Island Events

Tipi: Straddie Tipis