Hanna + Ashley | Intimate wedding | Straddie romance

Their romance started in highschool with Ash asking Hanna to his formal.

A few years past and they reconnected at a mutual friends party and started dating. Nine years later, Hanna now a jewellery evaluator and Ash a flight instructor, many 4wd trips, camping, SUP adventures and flights in a little Cessna 172, here they are showing us just what a lovely little intimate elopement looks like.

Secret Straddie wedding

Just their very nearest and dearest and not another soul in on the knowledge that these guys were tying the knot.

(There was even a plan in case we bumped into any relatives while on our location photo adventure)

Romance on North Stradbroke Island

Aren’t they just the freakin’ cutest.

Photos with just the two of them allowed us to check out more locations, exploring a couple of the more adventurous locations.

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