Joey and Guy | Point Lookout Community Hall wedding

I could not have loved this any more, Joey and Guy’s wedding came at just the right time for us, deep into COVID, we thought we were would never attend another wedding ever again.

In face, when Joey first got in touch with me, I thought it was a spam message so I ignored it. Bad me. I soon realised that she was legit and had some pretty great ideas for her Straddie wedding.

Plus, she wanted to use our books Eat, Drink and Be Straddie as her wedding favours, we were raising the funds for a third reprint, so we were pretty happy to have her on board with that, and everyone at her wedding now has a copy (I am thinking on their kitchen bench – but maybe on the shelf somewhere)

Their Reception was at the Point Lookout Community Hall (don’t get me started on the RCC and this venue!)

Every time I spoke to Joey, she would tell me that she just doesn’t want to miss out on a thing … And I have to say, I totally hear you girl – Life is too short for not having EVERYTHING.

Joey and Guy met when they were 16, they lived two doors down from each other and they all (many from the bridal party) caught the bus into school together.

They knew of each other but after a bit, Joey and her family moved away for a couple of years and it wasn’t until later, when Joey returned, that they became reacquainted and this was the start of the something special that we saw that day.

They got engaged in 2019 while visiting Athens and married on Straddie in 2021.

They have a small business together – started over COVID – so kudos to the legends for that – we get the whole working with your partner thing, it is a juggle and it makes organising a wedding uh … more difficult then it already it.

Their Ceremony was on Deadman’s Headland

Their Ceremony was on Deadman’s Headland which is a great alternative to getting married on the beach (and if you’d like to wear heels) but the Redland City Council do a shit of a job (full stop) case in point with the bright orange tiger mesh which they had plenty of damn notice to remove, but didn’t. And although we do everything we can to avoid getting it in the photos.

It was pretty damn impossible to get a ‘coming down the aisle’ photo without it featuring freakin front and centre – So if you want to try to avoid this on your wedding day, start lobbying them now, god dammit Redland City Council, some days I feel as though you are doing this on purpose.

We made this pretty great video

The drone work was done by Joeys mums mate Steve

Can we also hold up for another mention on just how clever Joey is with a special mention of her dress and the fact that she designed and made it herself … liker her mum said, “that girl knows what she wants, and she goes and gets it”

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Here are the awesome vendors that helped make this incredible day happen:

Florist: The Flower Family

Videographer: Stradbroke Island Photography

Wedding Planner/Stylist: Stradbroke Island Events

Furniture: Stradbroke Island Events

Celebrant: Dave Thelander

Location: Straddie Chill