Kate and Ben | Amity Point intimate wedding | tipi on the beach | destination wedding

Kate + Ben | Intimate Amity Point wedding

Kate and Ben have been coming to Straddie a couple of times a year for, pretty much forever, so it was the first choice for their Intimate Amity wedding.

They got engaged for two weeks before they contacted us and wanted to do the deed in two months time, a couple of days before Christmas. We were likeā€¦ Hang on what? Over Christmas that’s crazytalk.


When they talked about their perfect wedding day it, of course, included all of their favourite things… an intimate affair with close family and friends, a tipi on the beach on Straddie. 

Pretty much what they did every year over Christmas with Bens family anyway. (minus the tipi… which Donnas team from Stradbroke Island Events sorted for them) So they decided to have their wedding over their annual Straddie trip. whawhahwaaat. That sounds perfect.

So there we were, middle of summer, dodging storms and humidity hair, at Amity Sands, an pretty damn amazing beachside location (and when I say beachside, I mean this place is beachside beachside) and all less then a three minute drive from our house… Bonus.

What an amazing set up and event, and all put together within two months, bloody brilliant to all involved. Love an intimate Amity wedding.

Reception and Ceremony styling Stradbroke Island Events

Photography Stradbroke Island Photography

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