Melissa and Darren North Stradbroke Island Intimate wedding

Melissa + Darren | Intimate South gorge wedding | Straddie

I met Melissa and Darren to talk about their South gorge wedding around the corner from our place, at the local Amity cafe Sealevel 21

They were camping down Flinders Beach, which was a fairly regular occurence for this large out door loving tribe, but oh gawd, the weather was nuts that weekend, crazy storms with rain and wind.

I kept thinking of them as I looked out at the howling rain from the dry spot on my deck. maaaan, it was rough.

I think the wet weather continued on through to on their wedding day as well, but we still managed to get into the South Gorge for the ceremony.

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And then we headed up to the Gorge Walk

Then good old middle Home Beach

And then out to Amity end of Flinders Beach

And the Amity Boat Ramp

So this is what can happen when we head out for photos without a bridal party. It gives you a bit more leeway to get some some extra spots.

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