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Naked Flame ebook | Summer of Food

There’s something about a naked flame that is equal parts hypnotic and inviting.

After all, a roaring fire is one of the best parts of camping out. And that’s before you even get to the cooking.

Whether you’re pulling out the trusty skillet, making use of hot coals or even turning up the heat on a backyard barbecue, food done over flames just tastes that bit better.

You can even sort out dessert – no oven needed. In this delicious extract from Eat, Drink and Be Straddie, you’ll discover an array of recipes that take beautiful ‘fired-up’ basics to tasty new heights.

Think pizzas and pastas with a twist, fresh seafood, warming curries, juicy burgers, easy-to-eat fritters and recipes done multiple ways.

Try breakfast plates, dinners to share or romantic meals made for two. 

From the culinary beginner to the more accomplished cook, there’s something for everyone – inspired by the natural wonder that is North Stradbroke Island.

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5 stars for Straddie campfires on the beach, you know what I mean