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Ocean inspired homeware | Starfish Studio | North Stradbroke Island

Artist Jess from Starfish Studio is hands down one of my favourite artist ever, we have her art all over our house, from the art board on the wall (which also makes it onto the list of things we would grab in a fire) to cushions, aprons, tshirts and framed art Ever since she started creating these pieces of art cleverly disguised as homeware we have been following her work.

So when she asked us to photographed some of her product we jumped at the chance, not only because we love her stuff but also she is a freakin’ hoot to hang out with.

I also knew there was a good chance that wine would be involved.

She has released several seasons worth of her series of homeware, her beautiful work appearing all over the place, including many high end publications, becoming a ‘must have’ item on many people’s list.

We are all very proud of what she has done and as always waiting to see what the next creation to come out of her North Stradbroke Island studio.

 You can buy her product from her studio on Straddie or online here

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