Peta and Chris | North Stradbroke Island maternity | island portrait

Peta + Chris | Straddie maternity | North Stradbroke Island

So get this, Peta is a local, she has lived on Straddie for pretty much her whole life, her parents lived on the island and so did her grandparents.

And Chris was on his way home, back to the UK when he stopped in to see his bestie Andy (see Andy and Sophies’ wedding here – where both Peta and Chris were in the bridal party) and after meeting this little island stunner, just didn’t leave.

 And now, there is a whole bunch of new generation island kids (who are also besties) running around on Straddie, isn’t that just freakin’ lovely. Isn’t this just the freakin’ cutest Straddie maternity shoot.