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Redlands Coast rebrand | Redlands City Council | Queensland

I received a request for a meeting in at the local Redlands City Council offices, so I put on my ‘going over town clothes’ took the ferry off the island and turned up wondering what the heck I was there for.

I assumed it was because I had recently cold emailed a few people about our book Eat, Drink and Be Straddie and this was the response.

So I found myself sitting in front of a panel of four people doing a spiel about the book, they all nodded and listened politely to me filling the silence with words.


But as soon as I finished launched into an excited explanation about a top secret project they were working on which was basically the rebrand and ‘sexy up’ of the the Redlands City Council…

And that they love our work and would we be interested in coming on board with it and doing the images.


Hand me that pen, where do I sign.

It has been a real thrill to spot our images all over the Redlands and beyond. I mean, we practically can’t turn around without a bus stop, bill board (or rates bill) popping up covered in our images.

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