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Seafood + Eat It ebook |Summer of Food

Fresh seafood is as much a part of Australia as sun, surf and sand.

Think a bucket of prawns on ice, oysters slathered in Kilpatrick sauce or fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.

Our seafood is so much more than just nourishment – it’s a lifestyle, a feeling and a crucial part of our identity.

And in this exclusive extract from Eat, Drink and Be Straddie, there’s a veritable feast of seafood recipes to serve and savour.

From Moreton Bay bug to mackerel, crab to chowder and prawns, bugs and oysters, there’s classic combos and fresh new flavours to try. Best enjoyed under a blazing sun with a cold drink at hand, it’s an all-access menu, from morning to midnight, at home or out with friends. 

From the culinary beginner to the more accomplished cook, there’s something for everyone – inspired by the natural wonder that is North Stradbroke Island. 

For other great Straddie-inspired recipes, check out our lifestyle mini ebook Seafood + Eat it.

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