backyard wedding on North Stradbroke Island, Flinders beach ceremony. Serena and Caleb destination wedding

Serena + Caleb | backyard wedding

Serena + Caleb did their day, their way. A backyard weddings in Myora Springs

The both of them, their besties, us and their dog clambering over Adder Rock, before the ceremony.

Then their sunset ceremony on Flinders Beach, with Calebs dad as the officiant and afterwards these guys did not hesitate… actually they insisted on getting into the water as the sun sunk behind the ridge.

The fun, followed by a quick make-out session in their neat old classic 4WD (and a car we are very envious of)

Before making their way back to their house in Myora for the most beautiful backyard reception in their shed.

All of their guests came from afar and were camped around the property, there were bonfires and rain storms and crockpots lined up filled with homemade curry’s ⁠⠀

It was the perfect way for them to do it.⁠⠀

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