Soph and Andy | Stradbroke Island wedding

We always love it when people that we know ask us to shoot a Stradbroke Island wedding, but when Soph and Andy asked us what date was good for us we were especially pleased.

These guys are a lot of fun and we just knew that their wedding and the weeks (months) leading up to it would be bordering on outrageous.

And we were right.

From the surprise engagement leading into the surprise overseas birthday holiday

To Sophies surprise ten girl, five day hens extravaganza in Cairns (of which I attended) to Andys Gold Coast Boys weekend (of which Stu is pleased to say he got out of alive… only just)

To the second hens and stag parties to the leadup with all of the english friends and relatives arriving the actual wedding the the grand finale of what seemed like a never ending party since the beautiful art deco engagement ring was slipped on Sophies finger (I am sure everyones liver will agree)

And what a lovely wedding it was… So many amazing people who went in strangers and came out firm friends and so many amazing finishing touches

Sophies mum hand made her dress, the vast array of bridal party all lended their talents and played a part and the whole thing was pulled together beautifully (despite the rain)

The reception went well into the night and I left as the bride and groom were doing jager shots on the bar… I would have expected nothing less.

Styling by Donna, Spider and their Team at Stradbroke Island Events

Hair by Kobe’s Hair Art

Makeup by Emma at Stradbroke Island Makeup

Flowers by Lisa at Islabelle Flowers

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