Straddie Hotel | North Stradbroke Island wedding | Steph and Sol

Steph + Sol | Stradbroke Hotel

Steph and Sol met in the line up into a nightclub, on a night out. (It wasn’t the Stradbroke Hotel, but that is where they had their wedding reception)


Sol rescued Steph from a couple of guys vying for her attention by coming up to her, a complete stranger at that point, putting his arm around her and telling these unsuspecting men to ‘stay away from my wife’ ⁠

And a couple of years later here they are⁠, barefoot on a perfect Stradbroke Island beach getting married.

Steph and Sol Stradbroke Hotel wedding

South Gorge has the most amazing light stream throgh in the afternoon.

From the moment they asked if they could bring their crazy dog, who they were crazy about, I knew that I really liked these two. A beautiful mixture; strong, softly spoken Sol with the whirlwind school teacher Stephanie.

South Gorge, Gorge Walk, Middle Home Beach, Stradbroke Hotel

Photography/Videography; Stradbroke Island Photography

Styling; Stradbroke Island Events

Reception; Straddie Hotel

Celebrant; Sheryl Gotje

Another lovely wedding with a cool highlights video

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