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You may have heard me say that our little wedding vendor industry is like family.

But Emma, the makeup artist for Stradbroke Island Makeup is, actually is, she is my sister.

And even though she has been a pain in my arse for most of my life (the definite favourite daughter, giving our parents allll the grandchildren, she was a beautiful, kind, caring child – who was able to keep the illusion going as an adult… haha I am kidding, she really is that nice…. or is she!)

I am going to have to admit, she has always been very artistic, that has transferred over to a human canvas and quite an amazing makeup artist.

Although she has stopped chasing me around with a makeup brush (she will likely want to ‘fix’ something on the day) when I do feel like getting a bit fancy, she is my go-to and I always feel like a million bucks after being with her and my selfie game suddenly improved dramatically.

We are always very happy when we find out that she will be on the job with us, it really does make such a difference to your photos to have a great MUA and, trust me when I say, in the photos, you can tell, so really having a talent like this right on the island is pretty freakin’ great.

And I am not just saying that because she is my sister (…or am I, you’ll have to book in for a trial to find out!)

This is her Facey and Insty @stradbrokeislandmakeup

A couple of photos of her work.


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