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Summer Days ebook | Summer of Food

Summer days Down Under is a wonderful time of year. From dappled rays of sunshine to lazy days on the balcony with a book.

It’s a season to be languid, luscious and leisurely. 

And the food we embrace reflects this, as our inhome menus tap into the rich bounty of ingredients on offer, from magnificent seafood fresh from the ocean to juicy fruit and veg straight off the tree or vine. It’s a time of year that’s tailor made for small bites, quick bites and light bites – food that is easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy.

And in this flavour-packed extract from Eat, Drink and Be Straddie, you’ll discover an array of fabulous recipes, from vibrant salads and seafood creations to moreish appetisers and picnic treats, from breakfast through dinner, meals for two to gatherings with friends and from pasta, pies and risotto to the freshest sashimi. 

From the culinary beginner to the more accomplished cook, there’s something for everyone – inspired by the natural wonder that is North Stradbroke Island. Eat, drink and enjoy!

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5 stars if you love summer