Tipi wedding along the rockwall at Amity Point | North Stradbroke Island

Tegan + Dan | Amity Point tipi wedding

If I was to asked describe my dream wedding … an Amity Point tipi wedding would be it …

Tegan and Dan met when they were 15 and were great friends during high school, but it wasn’t until 15 years later that they got together.

It what a bloody fantastic ‘full sized’ wedding, (we hadn’t had one of those for a little while) and whats really cool, it was in Amity, our home town, so literally three minutes drive from the studio.

Tegan has been coming here to their cool little shack, since she was a kid.

Tegan got ready at the Cozy Cottages

Love an Amity wedding, and this was especially awesome.

Dan at the Sea Shanties

They braved the wind, but the skies were clear and that was nothing compared to the initial outlook, which was rainy with a strong chance of COVID ruining everything. By the time their wedding date came along, they were pretty damn ready to get married.

Plus we did a cool highlights wedding video
Ceremony at Toompany Beach
Photos along the beach tracks where Tegan learnt to drive
Then back to the Sea Shanties and a tipi setup for the reception.

Amity Point tipi wedding

It was pretty damn perfect. Awesome wedding team on the job.

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