Zoe and Jamie | Point lookout tipi | Point Lookout wedding

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Zoe and Jamie met very close to the end of their time both studying Art at a University in Birmingham, they got together, finished uni, went off into the world (in the UK) working, until the both quit their jobs to travel to Australia, After a year travelling the country in their 4WD and a […]

Rachael + Jack | Home Beach intimate ceremony | Straddie wedding

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Ceremony on Home Beach Rachael and Jack met in London, online and Rachael knew as soon as she met Jack, that she would be with him forever. She told her best friend after the first date that she had found the love of her life. “She is my best friend and one true love, she […]

Tegan + Dan | Amity Point tipi wedding

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If I was to asked describe my dream wedding … an Amity Point tipi wedding would be it … Tegan and Dan met when they were 15 and were great friends during high school, but it wasn’t until 15 years later that they got together. It what a bloody fantastic ‘full sized’ wedding, (we hadn’t […]

Tash + Grant | Stradbroke Island intimate wedding

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COVID that bitch was not going to stop Tash and Grant and their Stradbroke Island intimate wedding. They met while working as tour guides on Moreton Island and Grant was drawn to Tash from their first conversation while on the ferry and knew that the hour and a half ferry ride would not be enough. […]

Kate + Ben | Intimate Amity Point wedding

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Kate and Ben have been coming to Straddie a couple of times a year for, pretty much forever, so it was the first choice for their Intimate Amity wedding. They got engaged for two weeks before they contacted us and wanted to do the deed in two months time, a couple of days before Christmas. […]

Dan + Drew | Intimate backyard wedding

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Dan and Drew’s intimate backyard wedding had many firsts for us. The first wedding we had shot at this ace beachside property, perfect for an intimate wedding, first wedding shot with our new Nikon x6, first time Shez,the celebrant, used her fancy new mic. setup, the first time we had not one but two Ninja […]

Emma + Jare | Stradbroke Island elopement | Point Lookout

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Emma and Jare had never even been to Straddie when they decided to have a Stradbroke Island elopement. But they know paradise when they google it and they really could not believe their eyes when the arrived, Straddie was its usual amazing self. PLUS WE DID A HIGHLIGHTS VIDEO OF THEIR STRADBROKE ISLAND ELOPEMENT These […]

Hanna + Ashley | Intimate wedding | Straddie romance

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Their romance started in highschool with Ash asking Hanna to his formal. A few years past and they reconnected at a mutual friends party and started dating. Nine years later, Hanna now a jewellery evaluator and Ash a flight instructor, many 4wd trips, camping, SUP adventures and flights in a little Cessna 172, here they […]

Brooke and Steve | first look | Stradbroke Island wedding

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We really do love a first look meet up before the ceremony. The makeup and hair is still perfect, dresses fresh, and it really is such an intimate and lovely moment between soon to be husband and soon to be wife, plus it allows you much more time at the paaaarty reception. Brooke and Steve […]