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Wheelchair adventure | Ozur | Stradbroke Island

Let me introduce you to Tae and Leif, the owners of Ozur, a very cool business creating solutions for wheelchair adventure and people living with disability who want to do cool things.

These guys are pretty bloody amazing and their zest, eagerness to push boundaries and intent to live their life to the fullest is contagious.

With this shoot they told us they were keen to do anything so we went into a couple of places that we sometimes wouldn’t take our bridal parties, so to see it done on two wheels was inspiring and just downright fun.

They are inventing things all the time with Leif using his background in mountain bike racing and repairing to build solutions for Tae’s thirst for the ‘off-road’
They have a house on the island and this guy you see Tae in here is called the Straddie Monster.

Check them out ozur.com.au or give them a follow @ozur_adventure


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