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We're a married duo, taking photos, exploring the world and living our best life.

After six years on paradise island, Straddie, running a successful wedding photography business, renovating a cute little beach shack, writing a book Eat, Drink and Be Straddie and drinking wine on the beach with our friends at sunset we decided life is short, lets do something... hangon, no, lets do EVERYTHING... so we are.

We so we moved to the UK, and now we live six months in the Wiltshire countryside and six months on Straddie, photographing weddings and portraits and whatever the heck else we feel like.

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Eat, Drink and Be Straddie

Did we write a book? Heck yes we did. It is a cook book and an adventure all rolled into one. A big, beautiful piece of art (even if we do say so ourselves) featuring local Stradbroke Island producers and cuisine and all things delicious and beautiful and we are super proud of itClick here to see what we mean