Straddie wedding reception locations

Point Lookout

When it comes to your Straddie wedding reception location, Point Lookout offer a fantastic selection of venues, each with its unique charm

Oasis on Straddie

This venue boasts exquisite styling and features a spacious outdoor area. It’s conveniently located within walking distance of Home Beach and is managed by the amazing team at Stradbroke Island Events – if we haven’t mentioned it al ready we are big fans of these guys – who have done an exceptional job beautifying this space. This is also an island-style mexican/pizza restaurant, and we recommend scheduling stopping in here over your stay, plus, the venue looks absolutely stunning in photographs.

Point Lookout Community Hall

We have heard that this space was purposefully designed and built for weddings. It features timber floors and concertina doors that open up to an outdoor area overlooking bushland – and the stunning stone piece by Michael Bullock – with glimpses of the ocean.

It’s an ideal spot for a lively celebration and offers a great backup plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. It is within easy walking distance from Middle and East Home Beach ceremony locations.

(Fun fact: Stu and I tied the knot here in 2013, even in pouring rain, it was a fantastic location with a rainy day Plan B.)

Point Lookout Surf Club

This venue boasts breathtaking views, making it a top choice. It’s an old-school surf club (no pokies) with a stunning view of Main Beach.

Right in front of the Surf Club is a pretty convenient location for your ceremony plus It’s situated within walking distance of the South Gorge ceremony spot, making it a great choice for hosting both the ceremony and reception in the same location.

Straddie Beach Hotel

If you prefer to have everything and everyone in one place, then let the hotel staff take care of most details for you. The function room recently underwent a revamp – actually the whole place has had a spruce up – and it now offers a beautiful space, minus the quirky carpets.

Accommodation is connected and the Pub Cove ceremony location as well as the Cylinder Beach ceremony location is within walking distance.

Marquee or Tipi

And, for those who dream of a marquee or tipi wedding, then you will not be disappointed. It is pretty damn great to have a spot where you can exchange vows by the shore and then transition seamlessly into a marquee for a night of dancing and celebration. It certainly has the wow factor, your guests will have their mind blown. Stradbroke Island Events is your go-to team to turn this dream into reality


Holiday house along the rockwall

Make the most of the subtle beauty of fishing village Amity Point, with its laid-back lifestyle and unobstructed view of the sun setting over the sea. So many very cool holiday homes along the rock-wall. Where else could you throw in a line and celebrate love at the same time! Suitable for intimate wedding guest numbers.

Amity Community Hall

This versatile venue in the heart of Amity offers endless possibilities to bring your wedding dreams to life. With its spacious, blank canvas interior and ample outdoor space, Amity Hall allows you to create a personalised and unique wedding experience that reflects your style and vision. Suitable for larger weddings.


Little Ships Club

Ever fancied turning up to your wedding in your boat? This venue let you do that. We just shot our first couple of weddings here, both in a marquee on the front lawn, overlooking the Bay. They were able to have their ceremony and reception in the same place and guests were able to make their way easily back to the mainland that night, the ferry is right there.

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