Zoe and Jamie | Point lookout tipi | Point Lookout wedding

Zoe and Jamie met very close to the end of their time both studying Art at a University in Birmingham, they got together, finished uni, went off into the world (in the UK) working, until the both quit their jobs to travel to Australia,

After a year travelling the country in their 4WD and a tent, Zoe and Jamie decided that they were each others people and that their future was to be in Australia. So they returned to the UK to make that happen, they worked hard, Jamie even retrained to ensure it and then, after all the planning, and doing what they needed to do to do, they made this moment happen. ⁠And make it happen they did – like I have said before ‘who doesn’t want a wedding in a Point Lookout tipi, they went about making the day something totally out of the box for their English guests and I have a feeling every one who flew over left the country not really knowing what just happened to them.

It was a hot day, getting very close to pushing into those sticky summer months and our last wedding of our 2022 season, it was a great wedding and we really freakin’ enjoyed it. Cheers Legends and welcome to Australia.


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Another North Stradbroke Island wedding we photographed with a tipi.

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